Me, My Friends and I

Energetic storytelling with a twist

A Life of Devising

Will Kirkham


Archie Shields


James Pearson-Miles


Henry Bishop


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Three young 14 year old boys arrived at school for their first day of year 9, having never met before. 5 years later, they have now formed a theatre company based around energetic storytelling. Me, My Friends and I aims to form a connection with the audience while they perform, engaging them from start to finish with high energy performances.
Over the years of knowing each other, Will, James and Archie have often spent evenings devising their own work which they started off showing to their teachers and classmates. Over time Will found an ability and a love for writing his own work and began to use James and Archie to test out his scripts.
Encouraged by his friends, Will decided to have a go at writing a short film for a school competition. Rigorous workshopping and aiming for perfection, Will worked tirelessly to get the best out of himself. The film picked up 3 awards at the school competition, including 'Best Director'. This film is 'Mother Tongue'.
More recently, Will went on to write 'The Stander Gang'. This play re-tells the story of South African police officer Andre Stander gone rogue. Wanting to put his own twist on this serious tale, Will decided to use a farcical style to engage the audience. Having performed this at school, Archie and James were lucky enough to be spotted by the highly respected agency Waring and McKenna, demonstrating the high level of the show. Being at the start of all their careers, Will, James and Archie are always wanting to push themselves to the next level, looking to take the next big step.
Looking into the future, Will has created another short film which will be out soon. The 3 of them continue to come up with their own work as they strive towards their next idea.
  •  01/08/2018 01:10 PM

The Stander Gang will be performing at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival from 1st to 10th August! Click 'read more' to find the link to buy tickets!!

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